The work Michael did was top-notch

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The work Michael did was top-notch. There was a timing issue – we needed to get the floors redone as quickly as possible so I could begin painting and doing other renovation work before we began actually moving into the house we had just bought. Michael rearranged his schedule to make sure he could get the work done on time for us.

The old floors still had the original, 1930 finish on them, which took a lot of effort to sand off (whether because it was shellac-based or because of a build-up over time of floor wax). He showed me his sanding belt after and it was completely gummed up with the old finish. Still, Michael and his crew kept at it until everything was perfect. The stairs must have been a real nightmare, but they look amazing. The old shoe molding was removed, and Michael gave me the option of polyurethaning the new molding myself to save money. Due to lack of time I had him do it, but it was great that he was really looking to keep costs down for us.

Description Of Work:
Michael and his crew refinished the oak floors in a house we had recently purchased, including removing a carpet runner on the stairs and sanding the stairs as well. The work required removing and replacing the shoe molding, which Michael and his guys also did.

Julian N. October 19, 2016

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