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A2Hardwoods bid on refinishing the floors after a previous contractor botched the job (bad sanding job (skipped grit progression, incorrect equipment,etc.)) A2Hardwoods came in and did the job right and in a timely fashion. What a relief!

A2Hardwoods had a reasonable bid price and got the work done in 3.5 working days with minimal dust, the correct equipment for the job, and the floors came out looking absolutely amazing. They showed up to work every day on time, paid attention to details and touch up, and got the work done that they promised.

The floors also needed about 30 sq feet of repairs and those came out looking great too!

Description of Work:
A2Hardwoods sanded and finished approx 600 square feet of floor in a home built in the late 1800s.  Perhaps most importantly, they fixed the work after a much less skilled contractor botched the job.  In fact, due to the damage done by the previous contractor, I’d say A2 Hardwoods started with the deck stacked against them.  But they came through with amazing work.

Richard E March 9, 2016

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