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My fiancé and I had hired a contractor to refinish my wood floors based on the recommendation of a friend. We had purchased a stain from Sherwin Williams because we were trying to match it to our floors upstairs and the gentleman did not like the stain. He didn’t inform us of this until after he stained it. He then sealed it the next day and told us we needed to look at it before he finished the job as the stain had clearly not been dry enough and bled through when he applied the sealer. We looked at the floor and found it didn’t appear to be just an issue with the stain, but a very poor sanding job. Swirls marks and a line where the drum sander ended and edger began around the whole perimeter of the room and just a very sloppy and careless effort on his part. There was still dust all over the walls and molding and stain not just on the bottom of the molding up over half way up and in one case on the freshly painted wall. He was set to start over, but I needed a 2nd opinion. We also had a very short time frame in which we needed the work completed. I contacted Michael and explained the situation and expressed that I wasn’t sure that the stain we picked was the only issue and didn’t know if I should allow this contractor to sand our floors a 2nd time. Since he felt the only issue was the stain I was afraid that we would still end up with all the other issues and have to then do a 3rd sanding of the floors which would greatly reduce the life of the floors. He agreed to come out the next night and take a look and provide a quote. In the end we decided to have Michael and his company start the job over and finish the work for us. Michael was booked and couldn’t start the job until the 17th which was cutting it close but he assured us it wouldn’t be a problem. A few days later he informed us that they finished a job early and would be able to start in the 6th!! I was thrilled. They took their time with the sanding and made sure to get all swirls marks out so that the floors were perfect. They even cleaned all the dust out of the room left by the previous contractor and used a dust less sanding system for the job. The color Michael helped us choose was beautiful. Michael always got back to me promptly to address all my concerns. We chose a darker color for the floors and dark colors tend to show all the imperfections in the floor or sanding job which makes it that much more impressive that the floors look so perfect. They were able to correct all the issues in the floor left by the previous contractor and make them look brand new like the botched job never happened at all! I would highly recommend Michael and his crew and will happily use them in the future . Not only was the work fabulous, but so was the customer service!

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Refinished the hardwood floors in our living room and dining room after the job was botched by another professional

Nicole F March 9, 2016

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