I felt like Michael treated our floors like he would his own home

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We recently purchased a condo in the Ann Arbor area. Built in the 1970’s it has wood floors throughout the 2,000 Sq. Ft. With only 10 days between closing on the condo and the arrival of our moving trucks, we contacted Ann Arbor Hardwoods and asked if it was possible to completely refinish (sanding down to bare wood) the entire condo (including wood stairs) them before our movers arrived.

In less than 24 hours from our phone contact, we met with Michael at the condo unit (at that point still occupied by the sellers). His bid proposal was extremely thorough and well thought out. There were no surprises in the bid or billing process.

To complicate things we were also having the condo painted during this time period and Michael’s team had to juggle around the painters. If Easter weekend hadn’t fallen during this 10 day window, I believe Michael would have made the deadline, as it was he had done a massive amount of work that did allow us to move our items in. Final finish work took place the next two days.

Communication was excellent. Responsiveness was excellent. The quality of the workmanship is amazing. We are so happy with our floors.

I highly recommend Ann Arbor Hardwoods! I felt like Michael treated our floors like he would his own home. The conscientiousness, meticulousness, neatness of the job was beyond our expectations. Yes, it was a little more than I had budgeted, but in all fairness we asked for a LOT and we got more than we expected.

Description of Work:
Refinished entire condo wood floors. Approx 2,000 square feet. Including wood stairs and landings.

Penny S. March 9, 2016

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