The floors were in terrible shape and now they look fantastic

It went great! The floors were in terrible shape and now they look fantastic. My expectations were low because I thought the floors might be bad enough that they couldn’t be well restored, and they’re very old and unusual (shellacked maple) and probably hadn’t been refinished before, but the result was flawless. I was shocked when I saw the finished product.

Description of Work:
Refinished old maple floors that were in very bad shape

Robert M March 9, 2016

Ann Arbor Hardwoods did an amazing job!

Ann Arbor Hardwoods did an amazing job! The consultation with Michael was thorough. He was friendly and professional, and explained the work that needed to be done in a clear and concise manner. He was also very open about their fee structure, and explained what I could expect from my quote. Scheduling was easy. In fact, we had to wait a couple of weeks to schedule because of me, not them.

Tom and Cody came to do the work. They were actually early, but waited to knock until their scheduled time. They were incredibly professional and friendly. They explained the whole process before starting, and got the hard job done more quickly than I expected. They did a phenomenal job keeping the site tidy. I would definitely hire Ann Arbor Hardwoods again!

Description of Work:
Ann Arbor Hardwoods stripped my hardwood floor, which was covered in a layer of white paint, repaired damage, and refinished it.

Tobi V March 9, 2016

Paid attention to details and touch up

A2Hardwoods bid on refinishing the floors after a previous contractor botched the job (bad sanding job (skipped grit progression, incorrect equipment,etc.)) A2Hardwoods came in and did the job right and in a timely fashion. What a relief!

A2Hardwoods had a reasonable bid price and got the work done in 3.5 working days with minimal dust, the correct equipment for the job, and the floors came out looking absolutely amazing. They showed up to work every day on time, paid attention to details and touch up, and got the work done that they promised.

The floors also needed about 30 sq feet of repairs and those came out looking great too!

Description of Work:
A2Hardwoods sanded and finished approx 600 square feet of floor in a home built in the late 1800s.  Perhaps most importantly, they fixed the work after a much less skilled contractor botched the job.  In fact, due to the damage done by the previous contractor, I’d say A2 Hardwoods started with the deck stacked against them.  But they came through with amazing work.

Richard E March 9, 2016

Very professional, reasonable, and easy to work

We were very happy with the work performed. Not only are they craftsmen proud of their work, but they are very professional, reasonable, and easy to work with throughout. Michael and his team were able to accommodate us on a tight schedule before movers came with all the furniture. Not only was their work great quality and accomplished with little to no dust. More impressive, when they encountered a big problem (there were rotting wood joists under the existing floor due to a leaky door wall) they were able to work cooperatively and responsibly with the contractor doing the windows to resolve the problem and finish their work in a timely manner.

Description of Work:
Michael and Tom and their team replaced the old and stained carpet on the whole upstairs of our house with beautiful hardwoods, a total of three bedrooms and hallway. They matched existing wood floors leading up to the area.

Miriam w March 9, 2016

Our floors look great

We had a complicated job. Our 100-year-old floors were laid out in a pattern that makes sanding them tricky, and we had a bunch of heavy furniture including a baby grand piano. The crew showed up when they said they would. They moved all the furniture, sanded the floors and applied sealant and a water-based finish; then they moved the furniture back. Our floors look great.

Description of Work: 
The provider sanded and refinished all of the oak floors on the first floor of our house.

Jessica L March 9, 2016

Would recommend them to anyone

Michael and his crew have been to our home on three separate occasions to sand and refinish our hardwood floors. The quality of work was exemplary and the floors look absolutely beautiful. The first job they did for us was to fix a botched job by a different tradesman. After seeing the results of their work, we immediately hired them to do the rest of the house. They did a great job helping to suggest colors for the floor stain that would match with the overall decor of our home.

Not only are they skilled beyond anything I’ve ever seen, but they also work with top notch products. They work clean and efficiently and when they leave you would never know they were there, aside from your amazing floor. They are trustworthy guys and very responsive to our desires as homeowners. We had no problem allowing them to work in our home while we were not there. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we would recommend them to anyone.

Description of Work:
Refinished the floors in our house including the living room, stairs, hallway, and three bedrooms.

Daniel S March 9, 2016

I felt like Michael treated our floors like he would his own home

We recently purchased a condo in the Ann Arbor area. Built in the 1970’s it has wood floors throughout the 2,000 Sq. Ft. With only 10 days between closing on the condo and the arrival of our moving trucks, we contacted Ann Arbor Hardwoods and asked if it was possible to completely refinish (sanding down to bare wood) the entire condo (including wood stairs) them before our movers arrived.

In less than 24 hours from our phone contact, we met with Michael at the condo unit (at that point still occupied by the sellers). His bid proposal was extremely thorough and well thought out. There were no surprises in the bid or billing process.

To complicate things we were also having the condo painted during this time period and Michael’s team had to juggle around the painters. If Easter weekend hadn’t fallen during this 10 day window, I believe Michael would have made the deadline, as it was he had done a massive amount of work that did allow us to move our items in. Final finish work took place the next two days.

Communication was excellent. Responsiveness was excellent. The quality of the workmanship is amazing. We are so happy with our floors.

I highly recommend Ann Arbor Hardwoods! I felt like Michael treated our floors like he would his own home. The conscientiousness, meticulousness, neatness of the job was beyond our expectations. Yes, it was a little more than I had budgeted, but in all fairness we asked for a LOT and we got more than we expected.

Description of Work:
Refinished entire condo wood floors. Approx 2,000 square feet. Including wood stairs and landings.

Penny S. March 9, 2016

I would highly recommend Michael and his crew

My fiancé and I had hired a contractor to refinish my wood floors based on the recommendation of a friend. We had purchased a stain from Sherwin Williams because we were trying to match it to our floors upstairs and the gentleman did not like the stain. He didn’t inform us of this until after he stained it. He then sealed it the next day and told us we needed to look at it before he finished the job as the stain had clearly not been dry enough and bled through when he applied the sealer. We looked at the floor and found it didn’t appear to be just an issue with the stain, but a very poor sanding job. Swirls marks and a line where the drum sander ended and edger began around the whole perimeter of the room and just a very sloppy and careless effort on his part. There was still dust all over the walls and molding and stain not just on the bottom of the molding up over half way up and in one case on the freshly painted wall. He was set to start over, but I needed a 2nd opinion. We also had a very short time frame in which we needed the work completed. I contacted Michael and explained the situation and expressed that I wasn’t sure that the stain we picked was the only issue and didn’t know if I should allow this contractor to sand our floors a 2nd time. Since he felt the only issue was the stain I was afraid that we would still end up with all the other issues and have to then do a 3rd sanding of the floors which would greatly reduce the life of the floors. He agreed to come out the next night and take a look and provide a quote. In the end we decided to have Michael and his company start the job over and finish the work for us. Michael was booked and couldn’t start the job until the 17th which was cutting it close but he assured us it wouldn’t be a problem. A few days later he informed us that they finished a job early and would be able to start in the 6th!! I was thrilled. They took their time with the sanding and made sure to get all swirls marks out so that the floors were perfect. They even cleaned all the dust out of the room left by the previous contractor and used a dust less sanding system for the job. The color Michael helped us choose was beautiful. Michael always got back to me promptly to address all my concerns. We chose a darker color for the floors and dark colors tend to show all the imperfections in the floor or sanding job which makes it that much more impressive that the floors look so perfect. They were able to correct all the issues in the floor left by the previous contractor and make them look brand new like the botched job never happened at all! I would highly recommend Michael and his crew and will happily use them in the future . Not only was the work fabulous, but so was the customer service!

Description of Work:
Refinished the hardwood floors in our living room and dining room after the job was botched by another professional

Nicole F March 9, 2016

Very happy with the work

Estimate was informative and professional, the most in-depth estimate we received. Although the price was higher than other estimates, we elected to go with this company due to their reputation, their attention to detail, the promise that we would love every aspect of the work, and the lower VOC products used. Contact with the owner during the process was easy, and he was honest and helpful during each step of the process. We are very happy with the work that was done on our floors and are planning to use this company again in the future. Our friends have commented that it looks like we installed brand new hardwoods in our 100 year old house.

Description of Work:
Refinished all wood floors in house including stairs.

Emily A. March 9, 2016

I highly recommend them

Michael and his team were extremely professional and personable, when we hired them to resurface our hardwoods in a small first floor room.  I was impressed with the quality of their work and their willingness to discuss options with us.  Even after we decided to install our own hardwoods in another room, Michael took 10 minutes of his time to walk through the room with us, share some best practices and make recommendations.  He received no pay for this, but he clearly loves his job and takes pride in his work, so he was happy to guide us through the process. I highly recommend them.

David M. December 2nd, 2014 September 7, 2016

We were extremely impressed with the outcome

We had their team sand and finish one room and 13 stairs and a landing. We were extremely impressed with the outcome, and especially with the team’s concern that the job be done to the highest standards. They had to make repairs on our stairs and fill in holes before finishing, and essentially restored 100-year-old surfaces to look like new. We’d recommend them for any flooring work.

Peter N. January 31st, 2015 September 7, 2016

They look brand new

Mike and his team were excellent and the level of craftsmanship was stellar. I own a rental property in Ypsilanti and the tenants had been ROUGH on the floors. After Mike came through, evaluated the condition of the floors, and refinished them they look brand new. Also, Mike was very good at giving me maintenance tips so they work done would last longer, recommended the proper sealants, and did not try to give me extra services he knew I did not need. I would recommend AAHW to anyone looking to have great work done on their homes.

Jon M. December 4th, 2014 September 7, 2016

Overall the job was flawless

Michael, the owner, was prompt on our appointment and gave a very thorough estimate.  He explained the re-finishing process in an easy to understand way and was very professional. His employees showed up on time each day, did a wonderful job and were very “gentle” with our newly painted walls.  The job started when Michael said it would and they even finished two days ahead of schedule. Overall the job was flawless.  Our 17 year old hickory floors look brand new and we are very happy with their work.  Job well done!

Matthew L. March 27th, 2015 September 7, 2016

Ann Arbor Hardwoods is the only place to go when you need work on your floors or cabinets

We needed a company to refinish hardwood floors in our new Ann Arbor home, and were looking for a black/espresso finish to match our stairway.  Michael was prompt, honest and professional during the consultation, and was competitively-priced.  Then, he even agreed to give an estimate for painting our kitchen cabinets–which we eventually decided to do as well.  We could not be more pleased with the end results.  Both the floors and cabinets look INCREDIBLE!  The guys on the crew were clean, courteous and friendly.  They stuck to the time estimate, and kept us updated throughout.  They even followed up after the job and dropped off some professional cleaning supplies!  We are picky professionals, and have used different flooring/contractors in the past.  I can say without hesitation that Ann Arbor Hardwoods is the only place to go when you need work on your floors or cabinets.  A+ rating from two very, very satisfied customers.

Daniel G. February 8th, 2016 September 7, 2016

Michael and his team made the floor look like new!

Ann Arbor Hardwoods refinished my kitchen and foyer wood floor. On the brink of needing replacing, Michael and his team made the floor look like new! Everyone on the team is kind and respectful. They have integrity and a superb work ethic. They were punctual and left my house clean each evening. I will definitely use them in the future and highly recommend them to anyone looking for services.

Melissa S. August 1st, 2016 September 7, 2016

His team came in under time, at budget, and with a beautiful result

Michael is knowledgeable and professional, with a craftsman’s pride in his work. He provided a thorough estimate and description of the work, planned and supervised the work fully, and adjusted the plan as the job dictated. His team came in under time, at budget, and with a beautiful result. I felt comfortable with his team working on our home and they did a very nice job sanding and finishing our floors, as well as answering my questions throughout.

We were unexpectedly finishing a lot of floor right before moving into a new home, and Michael worked with us to schedule his team and get the job done for us. Thank you!

Description Of Work:
Sanded and refinished 1300 sq feet of cherry hardwood floor

Stefanie S. October 19, 2016

The work Michael did was top-notch

The work Michael did was top-notch. There was a timing issue – we needed to get the floors redone as quickly as possible so I could begin painting and doing other renovation work before we began actually moving into the house we had just bought. Michael rearranged his schedule to make sure he could get the work done on time for us.

The old floors still had the original, 1930 finish on them, which took a lot of effort to sand off (whether because it was shellac-based or because of a build-up over time of floor wax). He showed me his sanding belt after and it was completely gummed up with the old finish. Still, Michael and his crew kept at it until everything was perfect. The stairs must have been a real nightmare, but they look amazing. The old shoe molding was removed, and Michael gave me the option of polyurethaning the new molding myself to save money. Due to lack of time I had him do it, but it was great that he was really looking to keep costs down for us.

Description Of Work:
Michael and his crew refinished the oak floors in a house we had recently purchased, including removing a carpet runner on the stairs and sanding the stairs as well. The work required removing and replacing the shoe molding, which Michael and his guys also did.

Julian N. October 19, 2016

They did a very nice job and will probably come back in the fall to help me refinish the kitchen cabinets too

The original deal posted on Angies list did not apply to what I needed done. They were willing to refund the money but I decided to have them give me a quote anyway. They still gave me a discount on some of the cost and I needed a lot more done. I had the original polyurethane coat on my engineered hardwood floor, that alone took a long time to remove, the deal did not include a condition such as mine. They did a very nice job and will probably come back in the fall to help me refinish the kitchen cabinets too.

Description Of Work:
Refinished my wood floors, removed the wood floor in the bathroom, replacing it with tile.

Penney A. October 19, 2016

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