COVID-19 Readiness

Ann Arbor Hardwoods created this page for our clients so you can be sure that our top priority is safety during the pandemic. We take the safety of our staff and our clients very seriously every day and especially in the country’s current state. We also believe that transparency, clear guidelines, education, and follow through are key components to having a safe environment for all. The content below is the current implements we have in place to do our best to keep everyone safe.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic your safety and ours is must be our number one priority. Here is a list of the expectations and procedures that will be in effect:

  • Michael – our estimator – will call you on the day of the estimate to discuss these procedures
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  • Social distancing will be practiced during the estimate; please stay 6 ft away from our estimator and he will do the same

  • Our estimator will be wearing a mask, please do the same if able during the estimate

  • Our estimator will wear a fresh pair of booties over his shoes
  • Please open the door for our estimator so he has to touch as little as possible in your home
  • All measuring is done with a laser so there is little need to touch items in your house during the estimate

Ann Arbor Hardwoods has provided our employees with employee guidelines for procedures during the COVID 19 pandemic. See below our guidelines.

  • Staff meetings will be held remotely
  • Personal protection equipment

      • Ann Arbor Hardwoods will provide 1 kn95 mask per employee a week and washable mask cover.
      • Ann Arbor Hardwoods will provide 1 pack of 20 sanitizer wipes to each employee per week.
      • Ann Arbor Hardwoods will provide disinfectant spray and rags for all crews
      • Ann Arbor Hardwoods will provide each employee with sanitizer gel

  • Practice social distancing both in and out of work

      • Stay 6 ft away from other coworkers and clients
      • Do not make physical contact with others “coworkers and clients”
      • Requesting all employees and clients to adhere to the State of Michigan’s recommendations to help fight the spread of Covid-19 to ensure both their safety and the safety of our employees. Read recommendations here
    • Inform your supervisor immediately if you are not feeling well
    • Bring a lunch or have it delivered
    • Do not leave jobsite without permission from business owners
    • Wipe down all equipment before and after use
    • Sanitize your hands before entering the jobsite “every time”
    • Wipe off door knobs and handles and other things in the client’s homes that you touch

    Here are separate links to resources that we found helpful to create transparency, guidelines, education and follow through:

    Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19
    Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Workplace Health Screening
    Hygiene Etiquette & Practice